Frequently Asked Questions (Applicant)

Questions that might be helpful for applicants to understand more about UMSItS & MAYA Portal 

  • Created : 30 December 2019
  • Last Updated: 25 June 2020


UMSItS is a new student information system.
MAYA is a Universiti Malaya Academic Portal. This portal will replace the current Student portal MyUM.
  1. MyUM is still accessible by students to check on their examination results including results for semester 1, 2019/2020 and to view other students’ records.

  2. All non-Academic systems currently in MyUM are still accessible via MyUM, i.e. Student activities, College applications, Course and Teaching Evaluation (CTES).
All undergraduate students and postgraduate candidates (semester system) will be impacted for the first round as we go live. All other levels of studies will start using the new system in Semester 1 2020/2021.
Implementation will start in January 2020 i.e. Semester 2, 2019/2020.
All academic related student systems in MyUM and other related academic systems will be replaced by the new system. The current processes and terminologies used in the system have changed and require full understanding by students to ensure a smooth transition after the system is launched.
You may access the new system via the MAYA portal at
All student records will be migrated to the new student system. Hence we require all students’ commitment to check on the personal and academic records.
UMSItS Knowledge Base is a portal for UMSItS’ users to access:

  1. The User Manual (PDF Format)
  2. The User Manual (Video) catered to applicants, students and lecturers
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  4. Quick Reference
  5. Info sharing
All guides and information sharing on the new system will be placed in this portal. Students are encouraged to get more details from this portal. Please note that all the processes in UMSItS are new.
Among the existing system that will be replaced by the new modules in the new system are:

  1. Course registration (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
  2. Application for Internship (Latihan Industri) - (Undergraduate)
  3. Submission of progress report (Postgraduate)
  4. Student Supervision Reports (Postgraduate)
  5. Result checking
  6. Class Timetables
  1. Selection of specialization in MAYA portal. The system will notify students to select their specialization(for programmes with specialization).

  2. Enrolment Maintenance (module withdrawal after add/drop week/ semester withdrawal / semester withdrawal / change of programme / conversion of study / appeal).

  3. Register module(subject) without an exam timetable. The exam timetable will be generated after course registration.

  4. Student may view class timetable.

  5. Portal In-tray.

  6. Simplified process.

Access to the portal is by using the student Siswa Mail ID and password. However, domain used is PERDANA instead of SISWA.

For example:
Please take note to change siswa to perdana.
Password: Siswa Mail Password
Module Sub Module Functionalities
1 Enrolment Course Enrolment
(Semester renewal
& Module Registration)
  1. Select specialisation (if any)
  2. Update Personal Detail
  3. Register Module within period given including Module Latihan Industri.
  4. Module registered must not clashed with the existing modules already added.
  5. Confirm Module Registered
  6. Make Payment
Enrolment Maintenance
  1. Module withdrawal after add/drop week
  2. Semester withdrawal
  3. Programme withdrawal
  4. Change of programme
  5. Transfer of credit and credit exemption
  6. Extra credit, audit module, and off-diet module application
  7. Appeal to extend maximum duration of candidature
  8. Appeal to continue with studies after having failed and exited
2 Class Timetable View Class Timetable View Class Timetable in calendar format
3 Fund & Scholarship Application For Fund & Scholarship
  1. Allow student to apply for UM internal financial Aid based on eligibility rules
  2. Upload all the required documents
  3. Manage the guarantor information
  4. Ability to submit/withdraw/reject/accept financial aid application/offer
4 Placement Application for Student Internship placement
  1. Apply for placement
  2. Upload CV and Cover letter
  3. Upload offer letter (only for self-identified application)
  4. Upload application permission to travel (application for placement abroad)
  5. Upload visa/working permit (application for placement abroad)
  6. Print offer letter
5 Exam Timetable Exam Timetable
  1. View Exam timetable in Examination Slip
  2. View exam timetable via calendar at MAYA Portal
  3. View, read instruction and print examination slip
6 Assessment Assessment
  1. View Examination Result
  2. View Previous Examination Result
  3. Download Examination Result
7 Research Progress Report
  1. Submit progress report within stipulated time

  2. Semester 1 (Week 8 - Week 18)
    Semester 2 (Week 28 - Week 50)

  3. View Research Milestone achievement
Submission of Thesis Submit Thesis/Dissertation (provided that the enrolment status is active and reach minimum semester) via system with Supervisor approval (via manual process)
Supervision Activity Update supervision activity
8 Graduation - -
9 Alumni ●  Registration as alumni
●  Alumni Events
●  Donation
●  Alumni friends
  1. Update profile, study history & employments
  2. Join interest groups & events
  3. Give donation to UM
  4. Alumni able to connect to alma mater & other UM alumni

Among the features are as below:

●  System generated Student Identification (ID) and New Matric Number for all students.
  (i)  Student ID is a unique number
  (ii)  This ID will be used during their studies in UM
  (iii)  Sample is as below:

Format 1. Migrated data from ISIS to UMSItS (Current UM Student)

Student Identification (ID)

Student Matric Number

Note: all current student will be given 17 as prefix

Format 2. New Student Enrolled to UM and never enrolled to UM Before

Type of admission
S – Apply to UM via UMSItS Online Application
U - Application via UPU/JPA/KSK

●  The New Program Code has been designed in the new system. Please refer to the MAYA Knowledge Base

●  New terminology will be used in SITS i.e.:

ISIS UMSItS Description
1 No ID Number in ISIS Student Identification (ID) Unique Number as an ID for all UM students
2 Matric Number Matric Number Student ID with to identify program of study in UM
3 Subject Module
4 Program (Kod Ijazah) Course/Programme
5 Struktur Pengajian Ijazah/ Student Program Structure Diet
6 Group Occurrence Registration Group
7 Field of Research Detailed Field
8 Session Academic Year
9 Semester Period Slot
10 Major/Minor/Specialisation Route/Specialisation
11 N/A Off-Diet Module Module that is not part of student DIET

One common reason why you are unable to log in is that the username and/or password were entered incorrectly. Username and/or password may be case sensitive. Type your password one by one to avoid hidden whitespace. If you still can’t log in. Please reset your password.

●  Existing student

Please reset your password at the following link, you will get a new password via alternate email

Then login to spectrum via via
Username: siswamail_username
Password: siswamail_password

After successful login, please login to
Password: siswamail_password

●  Existing staff

Please reset your password at the following link, you will get a new password via alternative email

Then login to UM Portal via via
Username: ummail_username
Password: ummail_password

After successful login, please login to
Username: ummal_username@UM.EDU.MY
Password: ummail_password

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via the helpdesk:


  1. Always refer to the knowledge base in portal MAYA for more info.

  2. Update your name via link: Please use your actual siswa mail ID & password

  3. Remember the new portal domain: Please take note that is still accessible by students until further notice.

  4. The test system authentication is by using two (2) methods:

    ●  SISWA Mail Credential
        Username:     Note: please use perdana after @.
        Password: Siswamail Password

    ●  UMSItS Account:
         Usename: IC Number/Passport Number (International Student)
         Password: um1234 change password after first log on

    Please make sure BOTH are working and you can successfully log on. UMSItS Account is an alternative credential and can be used only if SISWA Mail Credential has service distruption

  5. Student who require to select specializations for their programmes need to do so during enrllmeont

  6. All the modules(subject) for students to register will be displayed in group format.

  7. Registration rules have been applied in the system based on the rules and regulation. Students are required to follow accordingly.

  8. Any Non Technical enquiry related to Admission, Enrolment, Examination, Graduation and Finance, students may refer to the Admission and Registration Section (SKP,AASC), Examination and Graduation Section (SPP, AASC) and Student & College Financial Management Division, Bursary Office at:

  9. Issue related to Admission and Enrolment including Teaching Timetable Issue related to the Examination, Exam Timetable and Graduation Issue related to Finance matters
  10. Any technical related problem in the system, you may log the problem to

  11. Central Lab will be provided to assist students during the registration period.
  1. Login to to register for a module under Enrolment Module Menu.

  2. Follow the steps as below. Please refer to the user manual for more details.

 Fees Payment

Fees payment can be made via a few channels as below:

Payment Methods
Financial Process Exchanged (FPX)
Credit Card Online → Services → E-Payment Credit Card
FLYWIRE - Applicable for International Student Only
Direct Bank-In Direct bank-in to Bank Islam (M) Berhad (BIMB) - Any branch
(Please ensure that Student Matric Number / IC number / Passport number is written on the payment slip)
Internet Banking ●  CIMB (Account Holders)
●  Bank Islam (M) Berhad (Account Holders)

 Research Management

  1. Students may submit their progress report in the MAYA portal under Research Module.

  2. Within stipulated times: Semester 1 (Week 8 - Week 18), Semester 2 (Week 28 - Week 50)
  1. Students are required to submit progress reports within the stipulated dates given in the same semester.

  2. The process for submission of progress reports has been simplified where only the supervisor needs to provide approval of the progress report.

  3. Only unsatisfactory progress reports will be channelled to the Head of Department.

  4. Students are able to view and download the completed report in PDF document after the evaluation process is completed by the supervisor/HOD
  1. Students may submit their thesis in the MAYA portal under Research Module under Submission of Thesis.

  2. Students may submit their thesis only when enrolment status is active and reach minimum semester.